Charles Oliver

STATUS: New E-Book Available spring 2013


“Dinner at Buckingham Palace” is a delightful collection of nearly 200 authentic recipes taken from the Royal Cook Books.  An historic reflection of the culinary habits of the royal establishment, the book is based on the diaries and personal recollections of Charles Oliver, the son of a footman who was born and raised at the Royal home in Balmoral during the reign of Queen Victoria.  

When older he moved to London and worked at Buckingham Palace where he became fascinated by the gastronomic skills of the Royal household. There over time he acquired his own personal collection of menus and recipes. Oliver also kept notes and diaries describing many stories about life in the kitchens, tea-time, dining rooms and personal anecdotes on the staff and the Royal Family.

To complement recipes, “Dinner at Buckingham Palace” also contains many details about personal tastes, traditional customs and special occasions such as Christmas Festivities and state banquets. 


Much of the contents of this extraordinary book were assembled while Charles Oliver was still alive but although he wanted them compiled and published within a book, he did not wish for this to be done until after his death.  As others had previously, he feared being ostracised for disclosing details about the most secret and famous household in the world.  Through a mutual contact within the UK national newspaper, The Empire News, the contents of Charles Oliver’s “cigar box” were presented to the editor.  Although the newspaper ran a feature, for many years after the book remained unpublished and the material was believed lost somewhere within their archives. More recently it was discovered along with a collection of previously unpublished photographs of the Queen and her family taken by Lord Mountbatten.



“For those interested in the history of cooking – this book is a melting pot of information, with anecdotes, photographs and recipes”
Observer Food Monthly

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Publishers Weekly

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Dymocks - Book Nook

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