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Jambo Music is an independent UK music publishing company created to develop emerging writers and new talent. 
Formed during the early 1970's, our company has since worked with many top composers, producing collaborations with International artists, producers, record and film companies. 
Jambo’s catalogue has grown over time to be very diverse and includes many well known songs and classic film scores.

We promote these works through new recordings, synchronization licenses and developing music within films, TV and advertising. We also look to pursue promoting works within contemporary media, including sampling and new formats of digital recording.



Within the Jambo Music catalogue there are a considerable amount of film soundtracks, scores and compositions, written by some of the most respected composers and contributors within this particular area of music. Since the company’s start, it has worked in close association with many leading composers, having produced recordings and soundtracks.
We continue to administer these works promoting our catalogue within new works and adaptations, including licensing for advertising - in recent years we have granted rights for clients including Pepsi, Fedex and Universal.

Film soundtracks include:
“Just a Gigolo”, “Gold”, “Fear is the Key”, “Close Encounters”, “Star Wars”, “Blood Relatives”, “Shout at the Devil” etc. – Among featured composers: David Bowie, Elmer Bernstein, Roy Budd, John Williams, M Jarre etc.




Roy Budd

Legendary English jazz musician and composer Roy Budd created a unique blend, combining his roots with contemporary funk and orchestral music, with the exciting rhythms of India and South America.

Recognized at an early age as possessing an extraordinary gift as a pianist, he started making a big impression within the UK jazz scene while still young. Satisfying his passion for the cinema, Budd began to develop his career as a film composer. His early scores included such classics as Soldier Blue and Get Carter. These were followed by many others – “The Marseille Contract”, “Fear is the Key”, “Diamonds”, “The Stone Killer”, “Kidnapped” etc. – and Roy soon became regarded as one of the leading film composers in the world.

Following his premature death in 1993, JHP has re-mastered all of Roy’s available works and continues to promote his valuable catalogue. These releases have introduced his music to new generations of fans and musicians. They have also attracted the attention of advertising agencies looking to find cool 70’s music for their adverts. Budd’s groundbreaking work has been an inspirational source for many producers of more recent music genres, including Hip Hop, Rock and Drum & Bass. His music can now be found sampled within many new recordings.




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Fishman & Harris

The writing and production partnership of Paul Fishman & De Harris first evolved in the latter part of the 80’s, following the demise of their individually successful bands, Re-Flex and Fashion.

Together as producers their work was first brought to the attention of Trevor Horn’s company Sarm and during this period they produced and wrote for many of their artists. Wishing to develop their careers further within the US and with other international artists, they later commenced a relationship with Warner Brothers in America.
During this time they produced and wrote for Prince’s label, Paisley Park and also mixed tracks for Motown including legendary recordings by Marvin Gaye, The Temptations and The Dazz Band.  
Returning to the UK, Fishman & Harris became involved in developing emerging talent within the thriving dance scene. Among the many artists they worked with was Yazz but they were also responsible for recording and mixing one of the biggest UK house and club anthem of the 90’s, “Love Come Rescue Me”.
Individually as performing musicians and as producers, Fishman & Harris have received many independent credits. They have also acquired considerable experience in writing and producing music for a wide range of media, including films, television, exhibitions and other outdoor events. Throughout their productive partnership they have created a large catalogue of music that is managed worldwide by Jambo Music.



Formed in the early 80's by keyboard player and established UK session musician Paul Fishman together with guitarist and vocalist John Baxter, the group’s line up was completed by Roland Kerridge (drums) and Nigel Rosscott (bass).
Initially playing gigs around London, they soon found their way into clubs and universities all over the country, creating a “buzz” within the media and selling out venues before eventually signing to EMI.
Although originating from the UK, their career really started to take off in America where the band’s unique blend of electronic pop and rock quickly became successful. 
Soon after release, the single and album “The Politics of Dancing” entered the American dance charts and gradually climbed its way to the no. 1 position. At the time they were one of the first English bands to achieve this accolade.. This was shortly followed by their entry to the Billboard top 100, where the record eventually reached the top 20 sales. The band also achieved international success in many other countries including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and Canada, with the title track reaching No1 in South Africa. All of the following 5 singles released by EMI also charted.
They wrote and performed the track “Cut It” released on the Polydor multi-platinum selling soundtrack album “Breakdance” which became a huge international success and also recorded tracks for “Superman 4”. 
Re-Flex promoted their records by regularly performing concerts and touring. On their first visit to America they supported The Police, received the support of MTV which provided much interest in their videos.

Although EMI only released one album “The Politics of Dancing”, throughout their career the band recorded a lot of good material including a further 4 albums, most of which has remained previously unavailable – “Humanication”, “Movement of the Action Fraction” "Music Re-Action" and “Jamming The Broadcast”. Following cult interest in the band and a growing awareness on the internet, there are now plans for these recordings to be released.  Details will be announced soon.
Jambo Music exclusively publishes and administers Re-Flex’s entire catalogue of songs.



Ltd. Noise - 'About 8 Minutes'

Formed by musicians and composers, Ped Gill and Paul Fishman, “Ltd. Noise” represents a series of recordings to create and experiment with contemporary music, without consideration of form or commerciality.
It was produced in response to the former success they achieved within respective cutting edge dance bands of the 80’s – “Frankie Goes To Hollywood” and “Re-Flex”. 
Recorded over a two year period, “About 8 Minutes” is an extraordinary blend of original music, combining electronic hip hop funk and jazz, that includes references to Miles Davis and Sun Ra and also experimental composers, Stockhausen, Cage and Terry Riley.


‘The Rock n’ Roll Soundtrack’

120 Rock & Roll Original Classics! - Digitally Restored and Re-mastered,

The Rock & Roll Soundtrack is a re-mastered collection of classic recordings, recreating the sound of the original vinyl, taken (where possible), from the source master tapes.  

Although many of the tracks have appeared on other compilations since the advent of CDs, previous releases have failed to recreate the crucial mastering techniques that were originally used, and often sound very different to the available vinyl. Recent developments in digital mastering have made it possible to not only recreate the sound of the original vinyl but to improve (when required) the quality and condition of the recordings.

All of the titles were licensed during the 80’s to Cannon Films/MGM for the soundtracks to the ‘Lemon Popsicle’ series of films. As a result of the enormous success of the first film and soundtrack album, which topped US and European charts, a further 7 films were produced during the following decade. Each film included 15 to 20 classic Rock & Roll tracks from the 50’s & 60’s. The catalogue is the largest collection of music licensed for film(s). Significantly, many of the 140 master tapes that were supplied to the film company came directly from the original owners - 120 titles have now been re-mastered.

The films are now shown on cable TV and, in Europe, they have since attracted a cult following. The soundtracks have continued to be in demand because of their valuable content, irrespective of the films.

During the 70’s Jambo Music became closely involved with the setting up and development of Cannon/MGM Films, as it was responsible for the production and supervision of all music for the entire Cannon film catalogue. This relationship was a very important part of Cannon’s success, which became one of the most important film companies in the world and dominated much of the film industry. Our company continued to maintain this role for 10 years and retains publishing rights within this significant and active catalogue of works. 

Film titles:
“Beakdance”, “Runaway Train”, “Mata Hari”, Superman 4, “Life Force”, “King Salomon’s Mines”, “Delta Force”, “Dancers”, “Castaway”, “Fool for Love” and many more.