Filled with treasures of a great musician and composer who during the 70’s was recognised as a leading UK talent. Merging a unique blend of Jazz and orchestral music with 70’s Funk and the rhythms of Indian and Latin percussion, combined with his extraordinary ability to play the piano, was too much to be ignored.

Unfortunately words such as “innovative” and groundbreaking often refer to those who are no longer living. Over the past few years we have made available music from more 18 different soundtracks. The majority of these recordings had never been available as soundtrack albums and had remained unreleased. Their release provided fans, and new musicians and DJs an opportunity to find out just how talented this guy was.  The mark of a great musician and composer is that their contribution remains timeless.


In having so much great material to choose from, the problem was selecting what to leave out.  Based on some personal favourites, selected for no apparent reason apart from they sound great and work together, this fine collection includes some of Roy Budd’s best works.  – GET BUDD


  CD1 Film
1 Get Carter   Get Carter
2 Mister Funker [M15-FB]   Foxbat
3 Love is a 4 Letter Word   Get Carter
4 Way Out M1 [SK 10]   The Stone Killer
5 Mister Easy       The Intercine Project
6 No Doubt [MC-M11]   The Marseille Contract
7 Diamond Fortress   Diamonds
8 In the Garden   Black Windmill
9 Diamonds   Diamonds
10 In the Shadows   The Stone Killer
11 Jazz It Up [MC-M4]    The Marseille Contract
12 The Girl in the Car Get Carter
13 Free Tarrant    The Black Windmill
14 Cassette Jazz The Black Windmill
15 For All My Days Kidnapped
16 The Stone Killer Main The Stone Killer
17 Living should be this way   Get Carter
1 No Co-Operation The Black Windmill
2 Crown Jewels Diamonds
3 Teacher and Pupil Paper Tiger
4 IP-IM1  - The Internecine Project
5 Main Theme Fear Is the Key
6 Diplomatic Dance Paper Tiger
7 Love at First Sight The Sea Wolves
8 The Car Chase Fear Is the Key
9 Sound  of Music Sound  of Music
10 I.P Theme The Internecine Project
11 The Plant The Black Windmill
12 I Think I'm Being Followed Diamonds
13 The Reception Paper Tiger
14 How Can We Run Away Something to Hide
15 Out of It [M5-SK7] The Stone Killer
16 Cresta's Theme Soldier Blue
17 Theme The Wild Geese
18 All the Way In [MC-M14] The Marseille Contract